The CD is here!

I'm so excited to finally write this post! The CD is really here! In 2010 I had started recording my first album, but after 2 months we had to stop the production. It was devastating. But last year I plucked up all my courage and decided to start over with a crowdfunding project. And now, after months of preparation, planning, recording, production and all the other tasks necessary, I get to hold the album in my hands. What a feeling :) Everyone who contributed to the crowdfunding project already received the CD. If you missed the chance, it's still not too late. Now you can buy the digital album here in the MEDIA section of this page or get the real actual album in the store! It's full of uplifting, encouraging and super fun tunes plus some dreamy ballads and wonderful musical contributions of very gifted musicians. Thank you again to everyone who was part of this project, especially Christof Unterberger, Florian Heinz, Samuel Montoya Zavala, Mario Stöckl, Leya Kahawa and so many more who made it possible. You made my dream come true and I am forever grateful <3 And here's the first picture of the CD cover :)

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