CD "Begin Again"

CD "Begin Again"

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Get your copy of the CD here. “Begin Again”, first studio album of Singer-songwriter Caroline Melani, features 12 tracks written and composed by the artist and music arranged and produced by Austrian film composer Christof Unterberger. This collaboration brought forth a rare blend of Pop songs with R'n'B and Hip Hop influences, and some titles that sound more like movie soundtracks, giving the album an epic and timeless feel. Melani shows off her vocal versatility in more classic singer-songwriter tracks, such as Begin Again and Time to Move On, that even include some Rap parts, to upbeat electric anthems with strong hooks and beats, such as Happiness, For a Change and Hot Summer. Another highlight is the cinematic orchestral signature in pieces like Arise and I AM. The songs speak of the singer's own struggle to get over various disappointments with the need to start over, yet they all have something very light-hearted about them, brushing off a failed relationship with a “you know sometimes it's just time to move on”, in the same named track, always leaving the listener with a good feeling or goosebumps from ballads such as Fault, Get There and Peace (The Past), which also found their way into the tracklist.


    This is a physical CD including the 6 page digipak, the CD with 12 original songs and the booklet with lyrics.


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